Machinery & Testing Equipment


Forging & Heating Equipment Unit Photo Remark
CNC Fully Hydraulic Die Forging – 4 Ton 1 equipment-cutting
Hydraulic Pressing Machine 3150KN 1 blank-image1
Air Hammer – 750kg 3 forging
Air Hammer – 1,000kg 2 forging
Rolling Machine – 650 mm 1 blank-image1
LPG Heating Furnace 3 LPG Heating
Electrical Normalizing Furnace 2 Electrical Normalizing
Electrical Solidation Furnace 2 blank-image1


Cutting/ Machining/ Drilling/ Marking/ Washing/ Coating Equipment Unit Photo Remark
Semi and Automatic Band Saws 12 Automatic Band Saws
Lathe and Semi-Auto Lathe Machine 16 Lathe and Semi
NC and CNC Machine 17 CNC Machine
Drilling and High Speed Auto Drilling Machine 11 Drilling and High
Marking Machine 2 Marking Machine
Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 2 cleaning
Paint Coating and Baking Machine 1 coating


Testing Equipment Unit Photo Remark
Spectrum Analyser 1 Spectrum Analyser
Tensile Testing Equipment 1 Tensile Testing
Hardness Testing Equipment 1 Hardness Testing
Flaw Detector 1 blank-image1
Portable X-ray Analyzer 1 X-ray Analyzer
Impact Testing Machine 1 blank-image1